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Water Soluble NPK Fertilisers

TANBOR N:Ca:B 14.5:17.0:0.2-0.3

Available in -

1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg

  • Since Calcium Nitrate has excellent water solubility, its highly soluble Nitrogen & Calcium are both immediately available to plants. This fertiliser can be used to correct plant deficiencies in Calcium.

  • Calcium Nitrate reduces blossom end rot of tomatoes & bitter lits of apples.

  • Calcium Nitrate contains secondary nutrient Calcium (Ca) 18.5% min & Nitrate Nitrogen (N) 14.5% min. Calcium levels in the plant directly control many enzyme reactions & enhance the uptake of Nitrate Nitrogen (N). Nitrate ions enhance the uptake of Calcium in plants. 

  • Calcium deficiency leads to decrease in the development of terminal shoot buds & root tips which inhibits plant growth. It also causes chlorosis & distortion of new leaves. 

  • Calcium is essential in cell elongation & division. Calcium also facilitates uptake of Potash (K) over Sodium (Na). Uptake of Calcium is difficult in highly leached & highly acidic soils.

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