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Company Certifications

We have quality management system certified in accordance with the norm ISO 9001:2015, through an approach for processes and continuous improvement, to guarantee customer satisfaction.

We are trusted solution providers

To create better products that benefit Indian farmers. We have been working relentlessly. Our main objective is to improve the quality of our products while keeping the prices low. We have obtained certifications which serve to confirm the effectiveness of the quality, environmental and safety management systems. The Quality Management Systems and Environmental Management have always been priorities for us.


Company Milestones

Year - 2003

Year - 2007

Year - 2007

Year - 2016

The company started its operations in 2003, with the aim of producing world class fertilizers with the finest quality to support Indian farmers.

Our CMD received the prestigious MAHARASHTRA STATE GOVERNMENT AWARD for ‘THE BEST INDUSTRIALIST’ for prominent work in the field of agricultural inputs.

Commissioning of state of the art facility for manufacturing 'Chelated Micronutrients'

ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate was awarded for the implementation of quality management system.

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