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Straight Micronutrients


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500g & 25kg

  • Boron in Boric Acid helps in new cell development, flower and fruit formation, root development & synthesis of amino acids and proteins. Helps in nitrogen fixation in leguminous crops. Boron helps in vigorous growth & high yield of all crops.

  • Boric Acid contains element Boron to the level of 17 % w/w min. Boron is one of the seven micronutrients required by the plants for their healthier growth. Uptake of boron is difficult in alkaline soils, sandy & dry soils. Heavy rainfall causes boron deficiency due to leaching of boron by rain water. 

  • Some of the symptoms shown by crops suffering from Boron deficiency are, restricted flowering and fruit development; discoloration, cracking or rotting of fruits & tubers; thickened, wilted or curly leaves. All these directly reduce the crop yield.

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