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1 ltr, 2.5 ltr, 5 ltr and 25 ltr

  • Gypsol contains Calcium along with Sulphur in water soluble form. It can be used to correct the deficiency of both Calcium & Sulphur. It improves the firmness of fruits, nuts & vegetables. It improves shelf life & storage ability of crop.  

  • GypSol when used for drip or drenching application helps to remove Sodium in soil & works to improve water infiltration & stabilizes soil nutrients.

  • GypSol works as soil amendment agent. Calcium in GypSol is useful for strengthening cell walls in roots & plant tissues.

  • GypSol can be applied to wide variety of crops by drip or drenching. GypSol should not be used with mineral Sulphate & Phosphate containing fertilisers.

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