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Micronutrients Mixtures

6 M-Essence

Available in -

 250g, 500g

  • 6M-Essence is specially designed to make all micronutrients mobile in the plant body.

  • It is safe to be used for all crops and is stable at high soil & water pH.

  • 6M-Essence helps to correct micronutrient deficiency of crops and hence helps to increase growth, yield & quality.

  • 6M-Essence provides nitrogen in organic form which helps plants synthesise the most important enzymes & hormones needed for metabolic activities.

  • 6M-Essence helps in flower initiation and fruiting. Avoids flower and fruit dropping.

  • 6M-Essence helps in chlorophyll synthesis & to increase photosynthesis activity.

  • 6M-Essence increases the fighting power of plants against pests and diseases.

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