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100ml, 250ml, 500ml & 1ltr

  • Hicon-60 is highly concentrated with respect to amino acids & hence is required in low doses.

  • Amino acids from Hicon-60 make all micro elements & secondary elements mobile in the plant body. 

  • Amino acids from Hicon-60 are useful to improve root growth, fruit size, fruit colour, fruit lustre & increase flowering. 

  • Due to natural chelating properties, Hicon-60 improves absorption of all fertilisers & rapidly corrects the nutrient deficiencies. 

  • Hicon-60 is completely water soluble. 

  • Hicon-60 provides Nitrogen in organic form.

  • Hicon-60 helps to maintain water equilibrium & it improves cell wall strength. Due to both activities, it helps plant to overcome water stress. 

  • Hicon-60 protects all types of crops from all types of stresses and makes plant healthy.

  • Hicon-60 contains protein hydrolysed 19 amino acids derived from naturally available organic substances.

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