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Micronutrients Mixtures


Available in -

100g, 250g, 500g, 5kg

  • A soluble multi-micronutrient formulation of SEQUEL SEM-2 in which Iron, Manganese, Zinc & Copper are fully chelated with EDTA.

  • pH stability range: 4.0 -8.5 (in aqueous solution)

  • Use of SEQUEL SEM-2 results in complete and quick absorption of all nutrients, particularly during critical deficiency period. 

  • SEQUEL SEM-2 is best in combination with HICON 60 to reduce all kinds of stress.

  • This makes the crop healthy and resistant to diseases and results in maximum yield. 

  • SEQUEL SEM-2 dissolves in water completely & rapidly. 

  • SEQUEL SEM-2 can be used for drip irrigation & hydroponics.

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